Special Event Menu Gallery

Lucy's China

a series of small shared plates for a natural wine bar

all dishes include Chinese inspiration

Shrimp Chips, yellow split pea dip (Fava)

Cold soba noodles, pickled cucumbers, tofu

Fried potatoes, ginger scallion aioli, pickled peppers

Fish fragrant eggplant tartine, melted Cantal

Shiitake mushroom potstickers

Grilled Halloumi with Xinjiang spice, Greek yogurt flatbread

Crispy wonton "trois feuille" with Oolong cream and poached pears


Supper Club pasta night

a four-course meal featuring seasonal produce and fresh pasta


Garlic crostini with diced tomato

Endive with anchovy aioli

Spinach timbalini with sauteed mushroom sauce

Malloreddus with sweet Italian sausage, kale and purple cabbage

Pavlova with end-of-summer fruits